Why Is Nutrition Important?

Enrich Your Life with
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Why is nutrition important? Because it is the body’s driving force! To give proper stimulus for growth to your body, it is essential to maintain optimal intake of Foods with Protein, Food High in Fiber, and foods high in calcium as they are necessary to stay healthy, grow, and work properly.

Why Is Nutrition Important?

Why Is Nutrition Important

We all want to look and feel good, be healthy and lead happy lives. None of this is possible without healthy diet and good nutrition practices. The answer to why is nutrition important, is that it is the fuel for our body machinery.

Nutrition is defined as 'the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods'. The supply of nutrition furnished to the body via intake of food that is healthy enables it to carry out all the body functions appropriately. From the food that we eat for health, the body absorbs simple but essential Everyday Minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and water into the bloodstream.


The basic point which underlines why nutrition is important is because it provides energy. Just like machines need fuel, the body needs to be fed energy-providing foods every day. Though fats and proteins also provide energy, the major percentage of energy comes from carbohydrate foods.

It is easiest for the body to digest carbohydrates like sugar and starch which are then broken down into glucose, fructose or galactose units; with glucose being the body’s favorite form of energy. To provide maximum energy to the body, you should increase intake of foods that speed metabolism like eggs, beans, spinach, oats, almonds, green tea, natural yogurt and others.

Immune System

Why Is Nutrition Important

Why nutrition is important is also because good nutrition is not only the key to proper body growth but also important for boosting the immune system, protection from disease, healing, repair and recovery. Various diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented and reduced by consuming a nutritious diet.

The Fact about Vitamins and nutrients is that each nutrient has its unique place in the body. Foods with protein acts as building blocks of the body while foods high in calcium are crucial for bone and teeth development.

Fiber rich foods help in regulating bowel movements thereby detoxifying the body and preventing constipation. With a high fiber diet, the importance of drinking water becomes all the more significant as water is essential for movement of fiber within the body.

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The answer to why is nutrition important also lies in the fact that nutrition is important for children as well. Proper child nutrition is significant as their bodies are in the growing and developing stage. For this it is required that they consume food that is healthy and rich in everyday minerals and packed with nutrients.


A nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides the miraculous benefits of the phytochemicals which are found in them. Phytochemicals are chemical substances that can help prevent diseases and cell damage. They are found in fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, and other plants.

Anti inflammatory foods are rich sources of phytochemicals which protect the body from inflammation and also have antioxidant effect. Antioxidants protect the body from free radical damage and aid in maintaining skin health by preventing wrinkles and sagging skin. They are much sought after for their age defying properties and their effectiveness in warding off cancer.

We hope the above information has been useful in answering why nutrition is important and has equipped you with a basic knowledge of how to live a disease free and healthy life.

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