Waring Commercial Juicer

Which One Should You Get?

Try a Waring commercial juicer, whether you want a citrus juicer, a multi-purpose machine, or a heavy duty commercial juicer. This versatile product line has the juicer you're looking for.

Waring is a brand that has been taking care of kitchens for a very long time. The product lines are divided into two: bar and beverages and food preparation. With the manufacturers’ constant innovation, proper application of technologies, great outlook of the future, and excellent customer service, they have become a byword for both home and business owners.

A Waring professional juicer is a testament of the company’s dedication to provide something new, efficient, fast, and easy-to-use products for all types of users. So far, this juicing machine is made up of very few parts, so it’s easy to install and dismantle, especially when you want to have it cleaned.

Moreover, these parts are made up of stainless steel to ensure they are highly durable and don’t rust or twist after constant use.

Waring juicers can be valued for their fast and high-volume creation of juices, durable parts and body, and better pulp management. You have three good models as options. Waring juicers are also centrifugal juicers. When you're not sure what this means, read Centrifugal Juicer first.

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Waring Commercial Juicer Models

So far there are three popular Waring professional juicers in the market today. Each of them has its own benefits and downsides. Knowing these pieces of information will help you decide which one you should get.

JC-4000 Citrus Juicer

Waring Pro JC4000 Juicer

This Waring commercial juicer is best used by those who have their own bars and love to serve cocktails, margaritas, and other types of drinks to their visitors.

  • This is a heavy-duty citrus juicer. This means that it’s capable of squeezing out as a lot of juice from limes, lemons, and grapefruits.

  • The stainless steel body gives this Waring professional juicer its well-polished look, making it blend well with your other appliances or kitchen gadgets. It also makes the juicing machine highly durable.

  • It has a non-vibration feet to make sure the Waring commercial juicer remains steady and doesn’t accidentally fall off from the counter.

  • The motor performs at 1,800 rpm, enough to peel off the rind and juice the citrus fruits at a fast rate without splashing the contents out. The motor is found inside a polycarbonate housing to reduce the noise it produces.

  • The Waring commercial cleaner also possesses a large spout, so you can collect a lot of juice at one time.

  • The universal reamer juices everything from lemons to grapefruits, irrespective of the size of the citrus fruit.

  • The JC-4000 juicer is available for $799 and has a limited one-year warranty on parts.

At more than $300, it feels like JC-4000 is a very limited product, so you’re not getting your money’s worth. It cannot be used for other types of fruits and vegetables.

Nevertheless, if your main goal is to create a lot of juice for citrus fruits, then surely your entire perception changes, making this a worthy consideration.

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JE-2000 Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Waring Pro JE2000 Juicer

The Waring JE-2000 is a commercial juicer highly recommended for juice bars, resaurtants, and health centers.

  • With its one-gallon pulp capacity, it can carry on uninterrupted to meet the juicing demands of any established outlet.

  • It juices virtually any fruit or vegetable and comes with a citrus attachment for oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit.

  • This powerful juicer, with 16,000 rpm, has a premium construction as seen in its rugged die-cast aluminium body.

  • The solid, stainless-steel parts are designed to last several hundred juicing sessions. All removable parts are dishwasher compatible.

  • Commercial establishments prefer this Waring juicer model for its high juice-yielding capacity, while its interlocking system ensures safe operation.

  • The JE-2000 is available for $2,419.

  • Its only disappointment is its one-year limited warranty.

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6001-C Fruit & Vegetable Juicer

Waring Pro 6001C Juicer

This Waring commercial juicer shares similarities with JE-2000, except that the motor is quite slower. It is only at 3,600 rpm. Nevertheless, this allows the juicing machine to produce better-quality and more juice.

Like the rest of the Waring juicers, this one is made of stainless steel. The steel blade can effectively distribute the pulp to provide a juice with more even texture and taste.

All packages of Waring commercial juicers come with a recipe book. Should this encourage you to juice more?

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