Vita-Mix Commercial Blender

Perfect for Making Popular Mixed Drinks

The Vita-Mix commercial blender may be the perfect tool for you to use frozen ingredients to make tropical smoothies at a restaurant or at home. Here are different available blender models.

Vita-Mix has long been a hot name in blenders, and you can use these smoothie machines for everything from smoothies to hot soups. Use frozen ingredients to make your favorite protein smoothie recipe. Or use this food blender to get the perfect smooth quality to your famous potato soup.

These versatile, powerful blenders are rated some of the highest on the market for a reason. Here's what you need to know about some of the most popular Vita-Mix commercial blenders available today.

Vita-Mix CIA Professional Series

Vita-Mix CIA Commercial Restaurant Blender CIA


This Vita-Mix commercial blender is made specifically for restaurants. It would also be a fabulous addition to a home kitchen for home chefs, who are serious about making the best frozen mixed drinks. It's a little taller than the average Waring commercial blender, but it has its advantages.

One interesting feature is that this food blender comes in red, black, and stainless steel finishes for a more put-together look for your kitchen. It also features a 1380 watt motor, which is powerful enough to do just about anything you want.

The 64-ounce jar for this blender model is literally unbreakable; it's made from copolyester, which is what airplane windows are for! It's also easy to use and easy to clean.

This smoothie machine is definitely on the expensive side, especially if you aren't going to use it often.

Price: $500-$600

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Vita-Mix 6-Speed Touch and Go

Vita-Mix Commercial Blender Touch and Go #39100

Ratings: Not rated yet.

This is a really expensive, really interesting Vita-Mix commercial blender. It actually comes with a sound barrier because the engine is so powerful and so loud because of it!

The Touch and Go is meant to be set right on the counter, and it has a noise shield so you don't have to bother your customers with the noise it makes while blending. It works very quickly with a 2 horsepower motor, and it's easy and fast to clean.

This blender machine features an Advance blender jar, which has a drip-free spout and a unique shape. It also has a longer life blade than many other commercial options, and the blender container is made from shatter-proof polycarbonate.

Besides this, the unit has a touchpad where you can program one of thirty-four blending programs to work for you automatically.

Obviously this smoothie blender is going to take up more counter space than most others, so it's not suitable for the home kitchen at all.

Price: $1500

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Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3

Vita-Mix Commercial Blender-Prep 3 #1005


This sleek-looking Vita-Mix commercial blender has many more options than most commercial blenders. It has a three horsepower motor that means you can grind even whole spices and grains in it. Here's what else you should know:

This food blender features a three-year warranty as well as a cookbook that's included. The cookbook comes with several great recipes for soups and blender drinks. It has a 37,000 RPM motor.

It's more expensive than the regular Vita-Mix, but users who have worked with both say it works significantly better. Especially at blending thicker smoothies made from frozen ingredients.

A few customers have had trouble with this smoothie machine standing the test of time, but most have had no problems with it. They don't even have to cash in on the warranty.

Price: $540-$700

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Final Thought

If you want a Vita-Mix commercial blender, you should know that there are significant differences between these blender models and similar Vita-Mix blenders made for the home.

The main differences, though, are in size and motor power. These blenders are similar to a Blendtec commercial blender in that they are very large and may not easily fit into – or even under – your cabinets at home. However, if you're shopping for a commercial kitchen, this isn't normally a problem.

A Vita-Mix commercial blender can be a great way to get the blender you need that will last for years. These excellent blender models will work for years on end, tackling the toughest blending jobs without a hitch.

They're great for professional kitchens, bars, and smoothie bars. They can also be used at home for families who make tons of Healthy Smoothie Recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

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Consumer Reviews

"The Vita-Prep is really a chef's dream come true. This thing is a workhorse. We've had it for 2 years now, and it still works just like the day we bought it. We love it. Smoothies are a breeze, and it will chop up stuff so efficiently that you could make juice out of just about anything. Whole Carrots = Carrot juice. Cabbage = Cabbage juice.

If money isn't an issue, or if you're somebody who just really appreciates the best, go ahead and buy this Vita-Mix commercial blender. You'll enjoy it for many many years. Whatever you do, make sure that the Vita-Mix model you buy has a variable speed control - don't buy their cheap one."

Bob H,

"Pros: It will handle just any job you throw at it.

Cons: Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I have made scrambled eggs and peanut butter in this thing. The food came out great but the egg and peanut butter is VERY hard to clean off the blades - Although its not recommended - I recommend taking apart the blade and base during every cleaning and get a good hard tooth brush to clean the blades."


"Vita-Mix commercial blender was reported to be the best for Vegans, Raw Food and challenging food stuffs. After using the Vita-Prep 3 for over a year, its still going strong with daily use atomizing ice cubes to wheat grass.

"The extra cost for the commercial grade 3 HP motor has paid its way by muscling through thick fruit smoothies without smoking the motor."

L. Siegel,

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