Super Angel Juicer #5500

The Most Advanced, Reliable Juicing Machine

The Super Angel Juicer #5500 is a high quality, Twin Gear Juicer that juices almost all fruits and vegetables without losing nutritional value. Juicer reviews and juicer ratings prove that it is one of the best juicers of its kind.

Juicing with the Super Angel #5500 juicing machine is a “wow” experience for everyone. If you still don’t believe, just browse on the Internet and find what people have to say about this most amazing and wonderful juicer. The juicer reviews and juicer ratings will show you how much this appliance is preferred over others of the same kind.

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodTwin Gear
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassYes
ColorsStainless Steel
Power180 Watts
Dimensions 19,5 x 7,75 x 10,5 inches
Warranty5 years
Overall Rating

What is the Super Angel Juicer?

Super Angel #5500 Juicer

The Super Angel #5500 juice extractor is a high-quality juicing machine with a stainless steel twin gear that fulfills all your juicing needs. It’s specially designed parts have unique and amazing extraction power that retain the natural colour, taste, and enzymes of fruits and vegetables.

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What’s good about the Super Angel Juicer?

The Super Angel #5500 enables the users continuous squeezing and juicing without adjusting the pulp extractor and cleaning the basket in between.

The best feature of the Super Angel New Model is that it retains the natural flavor and colour of the fruits and vegetables without losing their nutrients.

Moreover, the juicer’s twin gears can remove chemicals and toxic substances from the surface of fruits and vegetables to a much greater extent.

Super Angel Juicer can also be used to make baby food, peanut butter, soymilk, tofu, and meat pâté.

Tips to Maximize Juice

Here are some ways to maximize the juice from the twin gear Super Angel:

  • Cut large fruits and vegetables into smaller parts and depress them completely into the feeding chute.

  • Avoid feeding extra material into the machine until it juices what is already inside it.

  • Push the wooden pusher down a little harder to get maximum juice without worrying about the gears. They are made of high quality steel and can withstand the pressure.

  • Do not overload the machine while juicing wheatgrass or leafy vegetables as it won't be able to juice properly. Always add small amounts at one time.

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What’s Not so Good about
the Super Angel Juicer?

Though the Super Angel Juicer is a first-class juicing machine, it takes a little longer to juice. But the slow speed protects the occurrence of foams and ensures better quality.

Some users may find it bit expensive over others of its kind, but as far as quality and ease of usage is concerned, the product is worth spending that extra amount.

The Super Angel is one of the best quality juicing machines available in the market. It not only juices almost everything but also removes harmful chemicals from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

As a fitness freak, I used to prefer eating fruits rather than sipping juice. But this new Super Angel twin gear juicing machine has completely changed my perception and now I juice almost everyday. So, what are you thinking now? Try this one and see the difference in your life too.

Some Good Twin Gear Juicers Alternatives:

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Consumer Reviews

"The Angel is a pleasure to use, easy to clean and creates delicious drinks with 2-3 times more juice (and nutrients) than any juicer I have owned.

"The twin screws quietly and slowly chew the juice out rather than spinning it out at high speeds like a centrifugal juicer. This is a Rolls-Royce juicer for a luxurious drink, if you want a fast drink buy a Ferrari Breville juicer or something.

"Instead of washing, cutting and juicing all the fruit/vegetables at the same time, I find it easier to chop then juice, chop then juice, giving the Angel ample time to squeeze everything out, taking less than 5 minutes all up, for 1kg of Fresh Juice."


"Can juice pretty much anything that is juiceable. This includes the exotics, like wheatgrass, nuts etc. No adjustments are necessary for different types of inputs.

"Easy to clean as juicers go.

"Doesn't take up a lot of space.

"Kind of cool looking. The ultimate gadget to show off."


"If you plan to primarily juice fruits and carrots a less expensive juicer may suit you. However, if you are committed to juicing lots of greens for many years this juicer is great investment in your health and well being."

Kenneth R,

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