How Juicing for Health Helped Me

Discover how juicing for health is saving my life from bad cholesterol and developing diabetes.

Hello, I am Sylvia, living in The Netherlands.

Health Benefits of Juicing - My Juicing Story

I grew up in a very sheltered family, with one sister and one brother. My mom has always ensured that we would eat healthy, she took care of a diet with enough fruits and veggies. We grew up with the saying, that 'the sweetness comes after the sour'.

So we always had to start our meals with healthy food – even if we didn't like it. After that we sometimes were allowed to eat some unhealthy things, like chocolate or other delicious, sweet titbits.

I grew up knowing how it was to be lean and healthy. Nevertheless, when I was 10 years old, I was fatty. We could not explain why this was happening, but it was. Because I had a healthy lifestyle, I was in the supposition that this had something to do with my genes. I still believe it is. In our family, we all have the tendency to become thick. All in all, I had to shift the helm!

Thus, my whole life I have been taken care of my weight. Eating sweets was – and still is- a rarity. Parties are exceptional cases, of course:) I've always paid attention to what I ate, such as fruits and vegetables mainly, although I didn't like their taste that much. I also added regular gym to my lifestyle. That's important, too! For me, those were the best things I could do for my health.

High Cholesterol

But, a few years ago medical conditions started to appear. At that moment I was working and living in Spain, Andalusia - a beautiful country! Here I noticed that I was very tired and sleepy all the time. I went to the doctor, and a series of tests confirmed that I had high cholesterol.

In first instance, I was very surprised at this result. Living in Spain, eating healthy, how could this happen? Then I realized that my dad died after battling a heart attack. This disease has a run in the family, so it could hit me too! The doctor told me that I could also develop diabetes and other diseases.

Again, I had to change something in my lifestyle. Otherwise, I would not be able to do a lot of things for myself and for my loved ones. The question was, what could I change? What could I do more than live as healthy as possible?

Health Benefits of Juicing

I started doing research online, and fortunately, I landed upon a blog about juicing. She too struggled with cholesterol and one of the things she taught me was the wonders and the health benefits of juicing.

Fruit and vegetable juicing, she said, was a great solution to beat high cholesterol levels. Especially when you don't like the taste of fruits and vegetables. A glass of fresh juice gives you all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

A lot of additional, valuable advice came from a dietician. Why is nutrition important? She has learned me a lot about the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, why you need them, the importance of everyday minerals and facts about vitamins. In addition to that, I've read many books to learn more about fruit and vegetable nutrition facts.

In Spain I bought my first juicer. With no regrets! From the fresh market I took as many fruits and veggies as possible. They all shined to me, with beautiful colors, fresh and riped in the sun. This was another huge motivation to start juicing. Aware of the fact that I wasn't forced to eat them anymore – juicing was an excellent solution to become healthy again.

On top of that, juicing allowes me to combine non-sweet fruits and vegetables with the sweet ones, so I can enjoy all of them anytime of the day. I can also put a small amount of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, agave, and honey, if I want another taste - and they’re all healthy.

After 3 years of doing it, I am able to maintain an ideal level of good cholesterol for my age. Though I still take slices of cake occasionally, I would say I never felt healthier. I couldn’t really ask for more, and this happiness I’m feeling, I’m attributing it to juicing. I know you too can do that.

To your health!


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