The Miracle Wheatgrass Juicer Is Revolutionary

The Miracle wheatgrass juicer is known for quality. Whether you choose a manual or an electric wheatgrass juicer, compare juicers and you will see that you get a healthy glass of juice.

Wheatgrass juice is full of nutrients and minerals. It contains chlorophyll, vitamin C, calcium, protein, and lysine. The nutritional benefit of an ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2.2 pounds of fresh vegetables. It has more than 30 enzymes.

Daily intake of fresh wheatgrass juice helps cleanse the lymph system and remove toxic metals from the liver, blood, and cells. It helps to restore a body’s balance and vitality. With the help of Miracle wheatgrass juicers, you can enjoy all the Health Benefits of Wheatgrass daily.

The Miracle wheatgrass juicer models are machines that you can trust with your health. With these juicers, you do not have to bother about operation, maintenance, or cleaning.

They are so easy to operate that even your child can do it without any problem. They are handy appliances that fit well in your kitchen and your lifestyle.

MJ-445 Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

Miracle MJ-445 Wheatgrass Juicer

The MJ-445 manual juicer is a stylish stainless steel product. It has a revolutionary auger design that can extract maximum juice from wheatgrass. It comes with a wrench and handy pusher that make juicing easy.

It can juice wheatgrass as well as leafy vegetables like spinach. It is just right for household purposes, but can also work fine in a light commercial setting. It comes with a 1-year warranty and sells for $110 to $135.

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MJ-550 Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

Miracle MJ-550 Wheatgrass Juicer

Those who want to drink wheatgrass juice on a regular basis need the Miracle MJ-550 electric wheatgrass juicer. This Masticating Juicer has a 220-watt powerful motor but a low rpm of 90. This means that all the enzymes in the juice are preserved.

If you are looking for a juicer that can give a healthy glass of juice without much hassle, you will love the MJ-550. It is a highly dependable machine that can juice wheatgrass, berries, tomatoes, grapes, and other soft fruits.

This model is priced around $180 to $225 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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MJ-575 Pro Green Machine

Miracle Pro Green MJ-575 Wheatgrass Juicer

MJ-575 is a masticating electric wheatgrass juicer designed for commercial use. It has a new and unique auger design that ensures maximum juice extraction.

This juicer has a low-rpm motor that ensures that your glass of wheatgrass juice retains all its enzymes and nutrients. Plus, its motor has a unique reverse and forward action, which helps untangle clogged-up grass instantly.

The MJ-575 can produce 2 ounces of juice per minute. It has a stainless steel body, auger, and housing, making it strong and reliable. This is a perfect juicer for juicing wheatgrass and leafy vegetables. However, it can also juice carrots, pears, apples, pineapples, and most other vegetables and fruits.

This machine is priced at around $590 and comes with a 6-month warranty.

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What’s Good About These Wheatgrass Juicers?

All these wheatgrass juicers are reliable, efficient, and revolutionary. With a Miracle wheatgrass juicer, you can lead a healthy lifestyle very easily. This is because these juicers have so many plus points.

The MJ-550 and MJ-575 electric wheatgrass Miracle juicers are both great. One of the best things about these models is that they have a low rpm. Low-rpm juicers ensure that the enzymes are not destroyed during the juicing process.

The MJ-575 also boasts of low foam production, thus making it a truly healthy juicer without extra oxidation of nutrients.

Those who are looking for a wheatgrass juicer for their homes will find the MJ-550 model light and compact. It can easily fit in your kitchen no matter how small it is.

The best part about Miracle juicers are that they are so easy to clean. This is true even for the manual wheatgrass juicer. It takes only minutes to clean up the juicer.

With the MJ-550, you get a light-duty machine, but it is tough enough to juice most of the leafy vegetables. However, this Miracle wheatgrass juicer is fit enough to juice vegetables, soft fruits, berries and of course, wheatgrass.

According to juicer reviews and ratings, this is a complete juicer. The main plus point about this juicer is that it produces juice with all its enzymes, vitamins and minerals intact.

Some of the Miracle juicers have revolutionary design features that take juicing to a whole new level.

For example, the MJ-575 has a revolutionary forward and reverse action motor. Grass often gets tangled and clogged up in the motor. If this happens, you will have to manually remove the grasses and put them back into the feeder. However, with the MJ-575, you do not have to do any such thing. Its motor automatically untangles the grasses and pulls them back into the juicer. This is another plus point about this juicer that you will love.

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What's Not So Good About These Juicers?

A major draw back is that some Miracle models have a very small feed chute, so you can juice only small amounts of food at one time. These juicers are not good for large families or those requiring lots of juice at one time.

It might be worth investing in a juicer that is a little more versatile and heavy-duty. It might cost you a few dollars more, but as you juice more and more, you'll be glad that you bought a juicer that can do a little more. Try the Omega 8005 Juicer if you want a juicer that will do everything you need.

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Consumer Reviews

"After buying a junky wheatgrass press, I got the Miracle MJ-550 wheatgrass juicer. It’s an amazing little machine! It is not too loud, it squeezes every bit of juice out, and it is easy to clean. You just have to follow the directions and use only small amount of wheatgrass at a time. But, it goes through quite quickly and effortlessly. So, if used correctly, this machine gives great results."


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