KitchenAid Immersion Blender

Hand Held Blenders Make Life Simpler

The KitchenAid immersion blender is great for smoothies, soups, and all sorts of other things you may need to blend on any given day. These stick blender models have some great features, too.

For many home cooks the KitchenAid hand held blender is a popular option, especially those that like to have all their kitchen appliances match. These stick blenders come in many popular KitchenAid colors, such as bright red and onyx black. A hand held blender can be a great, sleek addition to any kitchen appliance list!

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What Are These Blenders Designed to Do?

KitchenAid Immersion Blender #KHB100

The KitchenAid #KHB100ER and #KHB300 are designed to make blending easy and simpler than it is with a stand blender. Basically, these blenders include blades at the end of a long, ergonomic wand.

Just insert the wand into what you want to blend, push the button, and blend. Stick blenders like these and like the Braun hand held blender are excellent for pureeing soups, particularly.

You can control exactly how much you puree
the soup – whether you leave it chunky or get
it totally smooth – and you don't have to mess
with transferring scalding soup to a blender jar!

What's Good About These Blenders?

Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender #KHB300

At $70 to $100, the KitchenAid immersion blender is an affordable appliance to add to your kitchen. They last for quite a while, even with heavy use.

The KBH300 is even more cost effective because it comes with extra parts, including a chopper and a whisk that can be hooked up to the main blender motor. These blenders are simple to use and are nearly as powerful as stand blenders, too.

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What's Not So Good About These Blenders?

Like other small kitchen appliances, these hand held blenders may not stand up to heavy wear and tear. Don't expect them to be able to chop and blend like powerful stand blenders, either, and go easy on extra-hard items, such as large frozen fruits and ice cubes.

Also, the blenders may not work so well in extra-hot soups, so take the soup off the stove and let it cool a bit before using one of these blenders. While they may not last for decades, they do have four to four and a half star reviews, which is better than the Cuisinart smart stick blender, which breaks down even more easily.

The Bottom Line

The KitchenAid immersion blender is an incredibly useful small kitchen appliance. If you have a tiny apartment kitchen, it's even better because you don't have to have it as well as a large stand blender. This small hand held blender model does nearly everything a stand blender does, but it doesn't take up nearly as much room!

Like other stick blenders and small appliances, the KitchenAid immersion blender isn't made to be used too heavily. If you're planning to make smoothies every single day, especially smoothies that involve hard ingredients, consider a Hamilton Beach blender or similar stand blender. For the occasional raspberry smoothies or smooth soups, though, this hand blender is a must-have.

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Consumer Reviews

"My favorite thing to make with my handblender is hummus - a mediterranean chick pea dip - and last night I made some the smooooothest hummus I ever made! This is in part because of the 9 speeds available on this model. I started out with lower speeds and then worked my way up to the top one.

"This is a large handblender, but it was comfortable and easy to use - lightweight even, and sure has a LOT of power.

"As with most of these products, it was a little difficult to clean the blades, but not a problem. (Really, the best way to clean it is to "blend" a cup of soapy water!)"

S. Lamphere,

"You really can't go wrong with KitchenAid blender. Form and Function must be their mantra. I use this for sorbet, soups and other instances where a food processor is inconvenient. In fact, I've put my black and decker blender into storage - with the handblender who needs it.

"You have the very convenient control of the angle. Gone are the days of stick a knife in the blender to get everything blended."

M. Pierce,

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