Juicing Fresh Grapes

How to Make Grape Juice
Work for Your Health

Juicing fresh grapes is a great way of obtaining the benefits of grape juice. Green, red or purple, grapes are a remarkably healthy source of nutrition and immeasurably benefit your health.

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits, and they can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. They go well with both fruit and vegetable salads.

Juicing Fresh Grapes has its own multiple benefits. The combination of a crunchy exterior and a sweet, slightly tart flavor makes it the favorite among fruit lovers.

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Why You Must Have Grapes Daily

Juicing Grapes

Polyphenols — doesn’t ring a bell? Well, you have polyphenols every time you pop a grape in your mouth or drink grape juice. The health benefits of grape juice come from polyphenol, a phytonutrient found in abundance in grapefruit nutrition. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of making grapes a part of your daily diet and juicing fresh grapes.

  • If you need instant energy, grapes are your best option.

  • Grapes benefit the kidneys greatly by decreasing the acidity of uric acid and eliminating them from the system.

  • They are known to reduce platelet clumping and prevent harmful blood clots.

  • Patients who suffer from conditions such as constipation, gout, rheumatism, skin disorders and liver problems can significantly benefit from juicing fresh grapes.

  • Fruit Nutrition Facts state that grapes can prevent macular degeneration or age related loss of vision. Three servings daily is said to reduce the risk by as high as 36 percent.

  • Grapes are highly effective in bringing down blood cholesterol levels. More on reducing cholesterol levels you can read in
    Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol

  • One of the most important benefits of fresh grape juice is its strong anti-cancer properties. This is possible because of resveratrol, an anti-inflammatory agent present in grapes.

  • The pigments present in grapes satisfy the requirement of
    Everyday Minerals and promote overall health of our body.

While juicing fresh grapes provides us with a host of health benefits, they can also be consumed in many other forms. Dried grapes, or raisins, is a popular food item among mountaineers and trekkers and is a common ingredient in desserts, health tonics and as a snack. They are considered healthy food for kids along with other dried fruits.

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More Information about
the Benefits of Grapes

Here is a piece of information that will make you stop swirling and take notice. Wine, obtained by crushing and fermenting grapes, is also proven to have many health benefits.

Moderate intake can be beneficial to your heart. Wine also benefits the lungs and helps in prevention of ulcers and strokes. In women, it reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. The methods of wine making have been tweaked over the last decade to boost their health benefits to consumers. However, the key word here is moderation.

Now that the benefits of wine are known to you, you can drink wine for health without that feeling of guilt creeping up on you.

How to Juice Fresh Grapes

Juicing Grapes

Juicing grapes is not that difficult. It is also very similar to juicing stemmed fruits.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the grapes are removed from their stems. Since they are huge, you will not have a hard time doing this.

Nevertheless, if you’re squeezing juices from countless grapes, it’s a good idea if you can juice them in batches. You can place the removed grapes in a large colander and then mash them to remove the juices.

Boil some water. Then place the grapes inside the stainless steel pot. You can continue to mash them to further extract the contained juices in the fruit. You can wait for around 20 minutes before you bring the fire to low. Don’t forget to stir to avoid the grapes from sticking into the pot.

Using cheesecloth or any type of cloth as your strainer, transfer the juice to another colander or a huge container. You can then start thinking about what you want to do with the juice. You can drink it in a few minutes or convert it into jellies or syrups.

Alternatively you can look for juicing extractors, but the best choice will be a masticating juicer as the slow process allows careful extraction of juice.

Juicing fresh grapes as a part of your daily diet is gaining popularity the world over as tons of research papers documenting their benefits continue to surface. People are finding newer and better ways to get their daily quota of this wonderful fruit. Innovative grape recipes are being unearthed everyday on health food web sites.

Juicing fresh grapes is a great way to enhance your overall feel-good factor. However, fresh grape juice is recommended over canned or packaged juices. Also, avoid grape juices that are sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners. They can be harmful to your body in the long run.

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