Juiceman Juicers

A Top-of-the-Line Product Line

Juiceman Juicers, including the Juiceman JR JM400 and Pro JM503 have great juicer reviews ratings when you compare juicers. Here’s a guide to this popular product line.

Juiceman JR JM400 Juicer

A glass of fresh juice is a great way to start the morning. The truth is, you can consume juice almost anytime of the day. Freshly squeezed juice can help stave off cravings while giving you a healthy snack between meals.

Juicing is a wonderful way to get in your daily allowance of fruits and veggies, and fresh juices taste great, too. All you need are a juicer and a good supply of vegetable and fruits.

It is true that you will find many juicers in the market. Of course some of them are excellent and the others are quite average. Juiceman juicers have always stood out from the crowd. Just compare juicers that you will find and go through the various juicer reviews and ratings – you are sure to find several good reviews from people who have tried these products.

Juiceman Pro JM503 Juicer

Juiceman juicers come with their own inherent advantages and disadvantages like everything else. But all things considered, these are extremely usable juicers that can be added to any modern day kitchen.

These are some of the best power juicers that are available today. Juiceman juice extractors are available in many models like the JM300,
Juiceman Jr JM400 Juicer, JM410, Juiceman Pro JM503,
and the Juiceman Juicer II Elite Model JM502.

What are Juiceman Juicers
Designed to Do?

The Juiceman juice extractor will begin its work and get you the juice you want fast:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
    Using this Centrifugal Juicer, you can juice anything such as melons, apples, pineapples, tomatoes, oranges, grapes, carrots, spinach, cucumbers and many more.

  • 2 Speeds
    If you are looking for juicers that can be used for softer products such as berries and harder ones such as pineapples, then you can try these from Juiceman because they come in 2 speeds.

  • Wide Mouth Chute
    The wide-mouth feed chute reduces the preparation time drastically.
  • Convenient
    These are electric juicers that work on push button technology and are thus extremely convenient to use. All you have to do is just place a glass or pitcher under the spout, insert your vegetable or fruit inside the large feed chute, and press the pusher down gently.

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What’s Good about
Juiceman Juicers?

There are several positives of the Juiceman juicing machines:

  • Compact and Lightweight
    The JM300, JM400, JM410 and the Juiceman Pro JM503 are all compact and they are lightweight as well. These models are easy to understand and operate, and they are easy to maintain too. Space is definitely not an issue when you have to store one in your kitchen.

  • Dry Pulp
    Since it is a centrifugal juicer, there are blades that cut off the produce to get you the maximum juice. When the juice has been extracted, you will have to take out the pulp, and you will find that it is almost completely dry – it has been completely squeezed by the juicer.

  • Safety Interlock Switch
    The models from Juiceman are available with a safety interlock switch and see-through lid. There are dishwasher-safe parts as well.

  • Home and Commercial
    All the juicers from Juiceman are for home use. But you can also use it commercially because it can give you a lot of juice in one use to serve many people.

  • Affordable
    These juicers are also extremely affordably priced. So you can surely get one for your kitchen. The price of Juiceman juicers ranges from $69.96 to $134.99. So the average price is around $100.

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What’s Not So Good
About Juiceman Juicers?

There are a few disadvantages. Some users report that the wire mesh, which separates the juice and the pulp within the gadget, can often be difficult to clean. You might have to use a brush to scrub it off and this process takes some time.

The machine can also be noisy because the blades spin very loudly. Sometimes the machine can also appear underpowered because it only has .25 horsepower. But of course, this means less power consumption as well.

Sure enough you will find juicers from several other popular brands in the market, but the fact remains that you can safely opt for these juicers from Juiceman. Hundreds of people have tried them and they have been completely satisfied. You will like your model too.

Some Good Centrifugal Juicers Alternatives:

Consumer Reviews

"The Juiceman Pro JM503 3-Speed is a great machine. I love the stainless steel, the wide mouth & the variety of speeds. The machine is not too loud, so I don't know why others have complained.

"There are a few minor issues that are quickly resolved if you follow the instructions to the letter. Putting it together for the first time was a challenge, until I read the directions. Now it's a breeze.

"This morning I had a little difficulty trying to juice a sweet potato. I guess it was too hard and it jammed the machine. I cleared it, and recut the potato and it was fine. (but I don't recommend juicing sweet potatoes with this unit.)

"Also if you put too much fruit or vegetable through the chute at once, it will jam the unit & cause it to shut down. (This is a good safety feature to keep from burning out the motor – despite the inconvenience).

"So, I just un-plugged it, cleared the chute & restarted, no problem. Makes great juice of all sorts.

"A quick cleanup tip- use a plastic bag in the pulp catcher & I use a vegetable brush to clean the filter, no sweat. I highly recommend this unit. (I don't usually recommend anything unless it's exceptional.)"

D. Toro "Roys Baby", Amazon.com

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