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Make Summer Drinks with These Premier Blenders

Hamilton Beach blenders are well-known for their quality and versatility. Learn more about making fruit, yogurt, and vegetable smoothies with these blenders here.

Hamilton Beach smoothie machines come in tons of different sizes and with many different options. Which of these blender models is right for you? That depends on what you want to make and how many fancy features you'd like to have on your smoothie blender.

These blenders can make you a fruit smoothie, yogurt smoothie, or vegetable smoothie, but each has a few options that sets it apart from the rest.

Having a smoothie for breakfast or a snack each day is a great way to become healthier. You can put so many good things into a smoothie! With Hamilton Beach blenders, you can get a great creamy texture so that you feel like you're drinking a smoothie from your favorite commercial smoothie store.

Did you know you can actually hide the taste of spinach and other dark leafy greens in a smoothie, for instance? It's a great way to get your greens in without having to eat a salad every day.

Start to make your own favorite smoothie with How to Make a Smoothie

It's also a good idea to get kids to eat good-for-them greens that they often don't like! With Hamilton Beach blenders, you have lots of options for a fruit smoothie, yogurt smoothie, or vegetable smoothie that you can enjoy any time of day.

Hamilton Beach Blenders to Check Out

There are lots of Hamilton Beach blenders out there. Here are just a few of the most popular blenders and what you need to know about them.

Single-Serve Blender with 2 Jars and 2 Lids

Hamilton Beach Blenders Single Serve #51102

If you're on your own or have a small family, this is the Hamilton Beach model for you. It's a single-serve smoothie blender that actually comes with lidded cups that you can take with you. You get less stuff dirty because you don't have to transfer your smoothie to a separate cup!

This gets a rating because it's known for ease of use and high quality.

It features a single serve blender design that's easy to use and simple to clean. The two jars and two lids mean you can make two smoothies to go every morning!

This smoothie machine can make just about any type of smoothie, and you don't have to clean up an entire blender container.

Because it's so small, this blender isn't as strong as others, so you may need to use softer fruits and veggies.

At just $20, this blender is a steal.

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WavePower 12-Speed Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders WavePower #52182

This food blender features wave action technology that actually pulls the material in the blender toward the blades, so you get a smooth smoothie without any chunks. Here's what it features:

ratings, with plenty of customers offering it five.

Stainless steel blades for constant blending action, and wave action technology for a smoother blend. Dishwasher safe jar makes cleanup easier!

This powerful smoothie machine is a good value, and it's easy to use and easier to clean up with its dishwasher safe canister! Twelve speeds allow you to customize your blending experience, too.

This food blender has a belt-driven motor that may experience some slowing when it first encounters very hard objects, like solid-frozen fruit or ice cubes.

Only $35, so it's a great value.

WaveMaker 10-Speed Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders WaveMaker #50242

This powerful blender has a 550 watt motor, which makes it one of the more powerful Hamilton Beach blenders. It has a few other features that make it definitely worth checking out, as well.

This excellent smoothie blender gets a rating for power and efficiency.

It has ten speeds, so it's easy to customize your blending experience. This blender also features stainless steel blades and wave action technology that helps blend the entirety of the material in the blender.

The glass jar is dishwasher safe and extra large at forty-eight ounces. It comes with a three year warranty, and it gives you super smooth smoothies.

Note that this smoothie machine is certainly not one of the quieter models out there.

At $37, it's more expensive than the previous model but still a great value.

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Dual Wave Versatile Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders Dual Wave #52147

If you do a ton of blending or like to make smoothies for the whole family, this is the blender for you. It comes with one eighty ounce giant pitcher and two sixteen ounce cups, and you can blend in two cups at once!

This blender gets on average.

The main feature of this blender is the eighty ounce container along with the two sixteen ounce containers.

This food blender has two waves and two motors, so it can handle making eighty ounces worth of smoothie at once.

The cups that come with this blender model may develop leaks over time. You can buy individual cups to replace them, though.

At $63, it's more expensive than other models, but it also comes with a lot more, too.

12-Speed Blender Chef Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders Blender Chef #52655

This twelve-speed blender features a SureRest jar base and a dishwasher safe extra-large fifty-six ounce jar. It has 500 watts of power, too, for blending anything you desire.

This blender is rated an average of

This smoothie machine features twelve speeds for easy customizing, and it has an extra-large fifty-six ounce dishwasher safe jar.

Works efficiently and has plenty of options for all your blending needs. Easy to clean, as well.

This is one of the lower powered Hamilton Beach blenders that may slow a bit with extra-hard items, like ice cubes and frozen fruit.

Just $35!

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Smooth Pour 10-Speed Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders Smooth Pour #50246

This is one of the Hamilton Beach blenders with a few extra convenient features to it.

This blender gets average ratings.

The main feature of this blender is the easy-pour spout, that makes it less messy when transferring smoothies to a new glass. It also has a dishwasher safe, heat resistant forty ounce glass jar.

This smoothie machine has plenty of options, and it's simple to use and easy to clean. The wave action system keeps your blending smooth.

This is one of the Hamilton Beach blenders without many disadvantages at all!

Only $36!

These Hamilton Beach blenders are all great options for different uses. Look through the reviews to see which one will work best for your fruit smoothies, yogurt smoothies, and vegetable smoothies.

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Consumer Reviews

"... Abit louder than I've experienced with prior blenders, but this HB WaveMaker seems to accomplish alot more, and do a better job than any blender I've ever had.

"The unique swirl-channeling really works; the ice bits are all of a uniform size, and the right size, too."

R. Clark, Amazon.com

"Busy schedule, don't like loud noises in the early morning, two people on the go. The Hamilton Beach Dual Wave blender is the best. You can make an individual drink by putting blades directly on your own to go container or in the larger blender which uses both blades to mix and has a pour spout for serving.

"Containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, mixes quietly. Good for smoothies, milkshakes, margaritas, soups and many more ideas."

T. Squires, Amazon.com

"This Hamilton Beach Single Serve blender is a great product. I had one at home and then bought this one for my office. It's light, easy to use and store in my desk.

"I use it for weight loss protein drinks and it is just the right size and easy to clean. I just love it!!!"

A. Anthony, Amazon.com

"Got this Hamilton Beach Smooth Pour blender so I could make protein shakes in the morning. Works well crushing ice and mixing bananas and juice. Good blender for the price - recommended."

MM, Amazon.com

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