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Are you currently looking for a good Green Star Power Juicer? The good news is you do have a lot of options, including the Twin Gear Juicers Green Life juicer, and Green Star 2000 juicer.

What makes Green Star Power Juicers extra special? After all they are not the cheapest sold in the market. Most of their prices are more than $300, and yet people are willing to pay that much.

This is because of the technology employed. The Green Star Power juice extractor is one of the very few juicers that make use of twin gears. These are two interlocking roller gears. When you are juicing with this machine, the fruits and vegetables are placed in between these gears. Thus, instead of grinding them, they are crushed. As a result, you get a lot of juice and more potent vitamins and minerals.

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The Good Models Available

You also have several options for your Power Juicer. This way you can easily budget your cash as well as determine what type of twin gear juicer you’re really looking for.

Green Star Basic GS-1000

Green Star 1000 Juicer

Do you love to juice fiber-rich fruits and vegetables? Not all juicing machines can handle them since it’s going to take a lot of force and pressure to extract the juice.

However, this is what the GS-1000 Power Juicer, the old Green Life Juicer, is made for. It has its own unique mechanism that allows it to cut through the fibers of carrots, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. This way, you don’t end up with a badly textured juice. You also get to drink the fiber, which is good for your colon.

The only thing that would probably be an issue with this Green Star Power Juicer is there are quite a number of parts to think about. Cleaning may take awhile as you need to disassemble and reassemble them. Price: $459

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Green Star Complete GS-2000

Green Star 2000 Juicer

The motor attached to the Green Star Power Juicer GS-2000 is not as powerful as the one found in other juicers. However, it can already do its job right. You can already count on it to squeeze the juices out of your favorite fruits and veggies, as well as herbs.

It features the automatic self-ejection system for the pulp, which is usually common among centrifugal juicers. This is to ensure there’s no need for you to stop juicing just to avoid clogging up the device.

To make cleaning a little easier, there’s an accompanying brush in the package. You can use it to remove those fibers and pulps that remain in the juicer, which can alter or even damage the quality of the juice in the long run. Price: $459

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Green Star Deluxe GS-3000

Green Star 3000 Juicer

Enjoy making your own baby foods, nut butters, and sherbets, thanks to the Green Star Power Juicer homogenizing blanks. It also has a pasta and bread making kit, so you don’t have to purchase other kitchen gadgets just to come up with breadsticks. Meanwhile, use the juicer when you want to come up with your own pasta sauce, cocktail drink, ice cream, and fruit sauce.

The GS-3000 has a drip tray to catch the excess juice. In the end, no juice is ever wasted. To properly filter the juice and make it as pure as possible this GS-3000 Power Juicer makes use of a coarse screen. Price: $500

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Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Elite

Green Star 5000 Elite Juicer

One of the good explanations why it’s saleable these days is it is well designed. It looks more contemporary than the other Green Star Power juicing products. It also tries to solve a common issue in twin gears. This one is known to be a good feeder. Moreover, its yield is far greater than that of GS-1000, 2000, and 3000. Price: $530

Green Power Gold GPE-1503

Green Star Green Power Gold Juicer

This Green Star Power juicing machine possesses the characteristics common to twin gear juicers. It’s capable of juicing fruits and vegetables, even dark green leafy ones and wheatgrass. It may also act as a food processor, as you can produce nut butters, baby foods, and sauces. There are special attachments you can utilize so you will be able to come up with breadsticks and pastas.

But the real secret why it’s a hit is the tolerance of twin gears. They are so close to each other you’re sure they can effectively come in contact with the fruit or veggie. The Green Star Power Juicer can squeeze in almost all the juice, leaving you with a drier pulp. This will also minimize the oxidation process, so you can store the excess juice at a much longer time.
Price: $570

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Green Power Hippocrates Juicer

Green Power Hippocrates Juicer

This is not actually a product per se of Greenpower. However, it’s very much associated with the brand because it’s a clone of Kempo Juicer KP-E1302, which is owned by Greenpower. A clone was made, so the main competitor of Greenpower can sell the product in the market.

The Kempo Juicer, on the other hand, became known as Samson Ultra Juicer in 2001, but by 2004 it was relaunched at Samson Green Power Kempo Juicer KPE-1304.

There’s not much difference between Hippocrates GPT-E1303 and Green Power KPE-1304. One of the most notable differences will be the addition of the stainless steel knob at the handle. More or less, they have the same attributes.

The Green Star Power Juicer KPE-1304 makes use of magnets, and a lot of its materials are made from bioceramics. It is also equipped with twin gears, and upon purchase, you are going to get a juice bowl.

There are two pulp inlet caps, so there’s no limit on how much juice you can extract from the fruits and vegetables. These caps can be adjusted according to your preference. Through the use of certain attachments, you can also use the Green Star Power juicing machine to ground high grains.

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A Green Star Power Juicer is not that all perfect. It also has its own flaws. For example, it takes some time before you get the juice out. It may not completely work with soft fruits. There’s, of course, the very steep price. However, it tells you of quality, and when it has something to do with your health, you always consider that above all else.

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