Green Star Green Power Gold Juicer

Know Why This Twin Gear Juicer
Is a Wise Investment

Green Power Gold Juicer #GP-E1503, like any twin gear (triturating) juicer, is expensive. However, based on several juicers reviews ratings, many do invest on it. Know the reason why as you compare juicers.

The Green Power Gold juicing machine is the predecessor and the “godfather” of all twin gear juicers. Its technology and design have been the basis for more efficient juicers in the market.

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodTwin Gear
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassYes
Power190 Watts
Dimensions 10 x 22.5 x 15.5 inches
Warranty5 years, 2 years on gears
Overall Rating

What Is This Juicer Designed to Do?

Green Star Green Power Gold  Juicer

The Green Power Gold Juicer is a kind of
Twin gear juicer. For those who have been keeping tabs with juicers, they are aware that there are many kinds of juicing machines. The most common is called Centrifugal Juicer. Then there’s the Masticating Juicer, which usually has one gear.

The twin gear juicing machines such as Green Power Gold GP-E1503 juice extractor have two interlocking gears. When you’re going to create a juice, the fruits and vegetable chunks will be placed in between these gears. Instead of grinding them, they are being crushed or pressed by the pair of gears.

The GP-E1503 juicer, produced by Green Star, is one of the earliest types of twin gear systems in the world. They have been manufactured since the early 1990s. Nevertheless, with constant innovation and the application of new technology this old juicing equipment can still give the newer ones good competition.

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What’s Good about This Juicer?

The Green Power Gold Juicer has the following benefits:

  • Quiet
    This is because the motor doesn’t work as fast as that attached to a centrifugal juicer. This allows you a less annoying juicing process.

  • Prevents the Oxidation Process
    One disadvantage of fast juicing is that it allows the oxidation process to take place. Hence, you need to consume the juice as soon as possible, or else it will spoil or you will lose the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

    The Green Power Gold juice extractor prevents oxidation from happening. What’s more, it allows your juice to last not just for hours but even for days.

  • Yields More Juice
    You will notice that you will have drier pulp and smoother texture if you’re going to use this juicing machine. The triturating system gives the juicer the power to squeeze as much juice as it can from the fruits and vegetables. It’s possible to get more juice than when you use other kinds of juicers, including masticating juicers.

  • Flexible
    Juices are not your only choices when you use Green Power Gold GP-E1503 juicer. There are a number of attachments you can use to maximize its use.

  • You have the pasta maker and the breadstick maker. It’s possible to produce nut butters, ice creams, sherbets, cocktails, baby foods and a whole lot more with this juicer.

  • Juices Almost Anything
    This is usually where juicers differ. Centrifugal juicers are bets with hard fruits and vegetables, not with herbs and dark green leafy vegetables. The masticating juicers, on the other hand, can deal with more greens and herbs, not soft fruits and vegetables.

    The Green Power Gold juicing machine can be used when you want to juice fruits and vegetables, including wheatgrass and beets that are so popular among health-conscious individuals.

  • Accessories
    The Green Power Gold comes with all of the accessories of the
    Green Star GS-1000, GS-2000 Juicer and Green Star GS-3000 Juicer. The GP-E1503 includes 3 pasta settings; GS models have 2 pasta settings that come standard with GS-3000, and are optional for GS-1000 and GS-2000.

The package includes also:

  • 2 Plungers
  • 1 Glass Juicing Bowl
  • Course and Fine Screen
  • Homogenizing Blank
  • Rice Cake (Mochi) Attachment

What’s Not So Good about This Juicer?

The Green Power Gold GP-E1503 Juicer has a very hefty price tag. It costs more than $500. For a newbie, this is not the most ideal juicer. You’re better off with basic juicers such as centrifugals. Only use this when you’re really fond of juicing or you’re already used to operating juicing machines.

It has warranty of five years, which is not bad, but you can actually find juicers that have warranty of limited lifetime as well as a money-back guarantee.

The parts of Green Power Gold GP-E1503 Juicer are very easy to install and dismantle. However, they can be quite complex to clean. Don’t forget to read the manual to ensure you don’t commit any mistake in maintaining the juicer. The good news, though, is several parts of it are dishwasher safe.

It works slow, which is very common among triturating systems. This doesn’t really suit those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle. It looks quite bulky too and occupies a good amount of space in the kitchen counter.

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Consumer Reviews

"Love the juicer, works well w/ the Gerson Therapy. It's been a workhouse 40+ days straight. Cleaning is quick. Recommend a 4 cup pyrex glass bowl w/ this besides the one they give you to catch pulp."


"I purchased a less expensive juicer, and after using it a few times, gave it to GoodWill. It was an awful mess to clean, and I never felt like it was really cleaned well. The Green Power Gold juicer not only gets every bit of juice out of your produce, it's a breeze to clean it. No sharp blades, no hidden nooks and crannies. It dis-assembles and re-assembles quickly and easily."

Terri L. Mannin,

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