Green Star 2000 Juicer

Tribest’s Twin Gear Juicer

The Green Star 2000 Juicer is a Twin Gear Juicer from Tribest. This technology, combined with a lower RPM, has favorable juicer reviews ratings when customers compare juicers.

The Green Star 2000 Juicing machine may possibly take more time but it also makes sure that the time is made worthwhile. The quality of juice that is extracted is immaculate in the sense that there is no pulp at all, it has antioxidants and maximum has been extracted out of the fruit. So if you value these qualities do not compare juicers just pick up this one hands down. No wonder it is called the juicer pro’s machine!

The Green Star 2000 juice extractor is one of the most recommended juicers in customer reviews. But before you buy this twin gear juicer it is essential to compare juicers to find out its pros and cons. Most recommendations, though, clearly state that this juicer is meant for the juicing pros.

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodHeavy-Duty Twin Gear
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassYes
ColorsOff White
Power190 Watts
Dimensions 12 x 6.5 x 18.5 inches
Warranty5 years
Overall Rating

What Is This Juicer Designed To Do?

Green Star 2000 Juicer

The GS2000 juice extractor, designed for home usage, uses twin gear technology to juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But that's not all. It also juices wheatgrass, herb juices, pastas, baby foods, nut butters and mochi (Japanese rice cake). If you’re a serious juicer, you’ll want to try the GS2000 juicer.

Its versatility allows you to juice soft fruits at a lower speed to maximize juice extraction. The lower available speed also reduces heat and friction, preserving antioxidants and other nutrients in your juice. This model is a little difficult to use, so don’t try it if you’re not sure juicing every day is for you.

The GS2000 model is sometimes used in commercial juice bars because of its excellent juice quality. Niche customers who are very particular about their juice may demand this juicer because of the healthy, nutrient-rich juice it produces. The price of the Green Star 2000 juice extractor is around $459, not a bad price for an up-market, high-quality juicer.

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What's Good About The Green Star 2000 Juicer?

  • Five-year Warranty
    The GS 2000 juicer makers are very confident about the long life of this juicer, which has been made possible by the heavy-duty engine with low RPMs. In fact, they are offering a five-year warranty. If you compare juicers across the market, it is unusual to find this!

  • Easy to clean
    You can easily disassemble this juicer for cleaning with the brush, included in the package.

  • Antioxidation
    Food with high antioxidant content can be very nourishing. This is exactly what this juicer makes possible. No wonder it has been dominating juicer reviews ratings for long. Its slow extraction of juice makes it possible to retain the antioxidant properties.

  • Twin Gear
    This commercial juicer has a twin gear juicer motor. This makes it possible to customize your juicer for the foodstuff that you intend to juice. For instance, for the softer products, you could use the lower gear and vice versa.

  • Less Noise
    It is incredibly quiet. This has won it laurels in juicers reviews and ratings. Most other juicers make an awful lot of noise, which makes juicing very annoying.

  • Accessories
    In the box you will find a fine screen, coarse screen, homogenizing blank, juice pitcher, cleaning brush, plastic plunger, wooden plunger, strainer and drip tray.

  • Attachments
    The Green Star 2000 juicer is the same as the GS3000 model, but does not come with the pasta maker and mochi attachment.

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What’s Not So Good About This Juice Extractor?

  • Heavy
    The juicer is incredibly heavy. It weighs around 25 pounds, which makes it difficult or even impossible to carry around. If you do not have a permanent space for this juicer on your counter, the weight can be a deterrent.

  • Slicing Required
    Another issue with the juicer is that it is unable to convert whole fruits into nourishing juice. If you want juice, the first thing that you have to do is to slice the foodstuff into smaller pieces that the juicer can process. This adds a lot to the time required for the preparation.

  • Nine-part Assembly
    The Green Star 2000 Juicer has a complicated nine-part assembly. This once again makes a dedicated space almost a necessity. It will take a considerable amount of time before you get used to the nuances of assembling and dismantling this machine.

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Consumer Reviews

"Not an easy juicer to use, but a efficient one. If you are looking to buy your first juicer, don't look at this one. The Green Star 2000 juicer is for the serious juicers only. However, you can't beat this juicer for juicing greens, and you can juice today and drink tomorrow.

"As a matter of fact when I use this juicer I will juice up to five days worth and put it in 8oz mason jars. But it keeps me in the kitchen for about two hours doing this."


"I love how quickly and easily this machine juices everything, while maintaining low temperatures. At first I thought it was a pain to clean, but after a couple of times, it didn't seem tedious or difficult at all. Just rinse the parts and go!

"I highly recommend this if you're planning to be a heavy juice drinker. If you're just starting out, try a less expensive machine to be sure it's not just a fad, or you will have wasted a lot of money. But if you're sure you'll be juicing daily, this is the machine for you!"


"You don't need another machine to do different stuff. E.g., it handles fresh ginger as easily as carrots. Yes, it has several parts to disassemble to clean, but it's very easy to do - 10-15 min - and re-assembly is idiot-proof. I'm very happy with the Green Star 2000 juicer."


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