Green Star GS1000 Juicer

Can Juice Almost Anything!

The solution to your juicing needs has arrived with the Green Star GS1000 Juicer, which rates highly in juicer reviews ratings. Compare juicers and smile when you find the quality and durability of this twin gear juicer.

The GS1000 juicer is a clear winner when buyers compare juicers in the market today. It provides maximum utility and features at a competitive and affordable price.

Most juicer reviews and ratings support the GS1000’s reputation. This juicer has raised the bar of what a juicer can do, and this model is a standard for household juicing needs. A new era of healthy, green juicing has begun!

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodHeavy-Duty Twin Gear
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassYes
Power190 Watts
Dimensions 12 x 6.5 x 18.5 inches
Warranty5 years
Overall Rating

What Is the Green Star GS1000
Juicer Designed to Do?

Green Star 1000 Juicer

The Green Star 1000 Juicer, in succession to the Green Life Juicer, is the perfect step-up for those users who have been juicing and now want a juicer with food processing capabilities. The juicer is quite appropriate for household as well as for commercial use.

Apart from catering to all the juicing needs of its customers, the new Green Life juicer also comes with primary food processing attachments. The other hardware juicing components that come along with the Green Star GS1000 juicer include a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger and a cleaning brush.

This masticating, twin gear juicer can process whole foods like almond and date pie crusts, nuts and vegetables patés, baby foods and frozen fruit desserts, giving its customers a number of healthy food processing options. It also juices wheat grass, so the customer won’t have to buy another juicer especially for wheat grass.

This juicer cum food processor comes from the stable of Green Star machines, which are manufactured by Tribest and are considered to be world’s finest and most efficient juice extractors and processors.

The Green Star juicer scores much better in terms of technology when a comparison is made with other juicers like Champion Juicers and
Juiceman Juicers. The suggested retail price of this amazing juicer is around $480.00, but at it can be purchased at $419.00, excluding accessories.

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What’s Good About
The Green Star GS1000 Juicer?

Heavy-Duty Twin Gear
This new Green Star juicer is a heavy-duty Twin Gear Juicer, using the triturating technology that is exclusive to Green Star products. This unique triturating twin gear action combines magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies for longer storage and preservation of juices without losing their nutritive value. This patented technology is unlike any other in the market and can juice and cut almost anything.

The juicer is designed in such a way that when rough and fibrous vegetables are put into it, there is no jam in the juicer and the vegetables are easily guided to the juicing area. This heavy-duty technology operates on a low rpm of 110, giving it a smooth, quiet action.

Minimum Nutrition Loss
If you compare juicers in the market, you will find that most juicers produce a lot of heat during the process, which leads to nutrition loss. The Green Star GS1000 Juicer, however, comes equipped with an impeller press system with a powerful low rpm that doesn’t produce any heat during the juice extraction process, making the juice absolutely healthy with minimum nutrition loss.

Other Key Benefits
There are several other benefits associated with this new juicer as well. This juicer comes fitted with a fine screen in order to yield all juice with minimum pulp. Other features include quiet operation and easy cleaning.

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What’s Not So Good About this model?

The primary drawback of the Green Star GS1000 juicer is that it is extremely basic in all its features as well as it food processing utilities. It is the most basic of the five juicers available in this line of products by Green Star. This keeps the price at a reasonable level, but some users may miss the luxuries of a more well-appointed machine.

The GS1000 is the same as the Green Star GS3000 Juicer, but does not come with the pasta maker, breadstick maker, drip tray, strainer or course screen.

Cleaning this juicer is also a problem, as the machine has to go through some disassembly in order to clean it thoroughly.

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Consumer Reviews

"The clean-up is bearable. After making juice, there are about seven parts that disassemble easily. You don't need to reach into crevices in the main unit. All the parts clean easily but one small screen, which needs some serious scrubbing. The specialty brush supplied with the juicer helps out."

Tight with Yoda,

"The machine is not perfect obviously, and if you overload it or try to put soft fruit into it through the fine screen it will ooze pulp through the cracks of the gear housing. But when you run it properly and clean it properly the Green Star GS1000 Juicer works like a champ.

"I would recommend that if you plan to juice soft fruits like pineapple, to get a coarse screen (which doesn't come with the GS-1000). The fine screen backs up and while the blank works okay, you get all the pulp with the juice as well (which I don't mind but some people might not like that). For wheat grass and hard vegetables, this juicer is ideal with the fine screen."

R. Barney,

"For my juices the Green Star GS1000 Juicer wins easily. It works equally well on hard carrots and soft cucumbers, bell peppers, and lettuce."

Lund Wolfe,

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