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Commercial citrus juicers can be a great option if you want to do lots and lots of juicing. Whether you want a citrus press, a lemon juicer, or a lime juicer, here are several professional juicer options to check out.

Professional citrus juicers come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. There are manual juicers, which work on hand pressure. They are generally not a good idea in large-scale operations, unless you are only using a little bit of fresh juice.

There are also electric options that include reamers. These commercial citrus juicers are just sturdier, hardier versions of at-home electric juicers. With these juicers, you simply insert the citrus fruits in the top, and the juicer does the rest. Including halving the fruits, putting them in place for pressing, and pressing them.

No matter what professional citrus juicer you decide to go with, you need to make sure you'll be getting plenty of juice in a little amount of time. Also, check out the Best Juicer Reviews to ensure that you're going to invest in a long-lasting juicer that is easy to clean and that will stand up to the rigors of the commercial kitchen.

Manual Commercial Citrus Juicers

Manual juicers aren't the most popular option for the commercial kitchen, but commercial options do have advantages over residential options. They are quicker and simpler to use, for one thing, which means you can get more juice in less time. If you aren't juicing all the time and want to spend less on a commercial juicer, check out these options.

Hamilton Beach Juicer

Hamilton Beach Manual Citrus Juicer #932

This $165 Hamilton Beach Citrus Juicer works with a rack and pinion for up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. This means you know you can get the most possible juice out of all your fruits. It is finished with acid-resistant chrome and enamel so it lasts longer. Some features are:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Drip free spout.
  • Extracts excellently.
  • Not as much skin oil in juice, which makes for sweeter juice.

If you're looking for an affordable professional quality juicer, this may just be the best option on the market for you.

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OrangeX Jupiter Juicer

OrangeX Jupiter Manual Citrus Juicer

This OrangeX Juicer is just $120, and it is made of a combination of cast iron and stainles steel, so it's virtually unbreakable. It helps get all the juice out of oranges, limes, and grapefruits.

  • Rubberized handle for easyer use.
  • Up to 2,300 pounds of force with the lever.
  • Two sizes available.
  • Does not squeeze bitter oils from peel into juice.

This professional juicer gets great reviews from home cooks and commercial cooks alike, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Electric Commercial Citrus Juicers

Electric juicers in the commercial kitchen make juicing your own citrus even easier and simpler. These juicers don't take as much time, either, because you don't have to manually crank or citrus press the fruits as much. Here are some great electric juicers to check out.

Miracle Citrus Juicer

Miracle #MJ71 Commercial Citrus Juicer

The inclined body of this juicer means you can get more juice with it, and it features a universal gear motor that's easy to use.

  • Polycarbonate construction for lightweight but durable juicer.
  • Works with all citrus fruits.
  • Extracts all the juice from citrus fruits.
  • Simple to use and simple to clean.

This juicer is just $299. It has some of the features of the more expensive Miracle Juicer, but it's an affordable option for the commercial or home kitchen.

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Hamilton Beach Juicer

Hamilton Beach Electric Citrus Juicer #96700

This $380 Hamilton Beach Electric Citrus Juicer isn't the cheapest on the market, but it's a great option because it's super quiet, easy to use, and easy to clean.

  • Acid resistant finish on base.
  • Cast aluminum housing for easier cleanup.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Weighs 28 pounds.
  • Durable build.
  • Very efficient and effective.

This is a great juicer for the home kitchen and commercial kitchen alike, and its extra features make it even easier to use in both settings.

Sunkist Commercial Juicer

Sunkist Commercial Citrus Juicer

The Sunkist #J1 commercial citrus juicer is a great option if you want a long-lasting juicer for the commercial kitchen or at home. This juicer is made from chrome-plated steel, and it weighs a sturdy thirty-one pounds.

  • Two year warranty.
  • Safety approved in Europe.
  • Separate attachments for lemon/lime, orange, and grapefruit – so you know you're getting the perfect size for each fruit.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Non-metal parts are a durable plastic for long lasting construction.

This partially dishwasher safe juicer is great for the commercial or home kitchen and will stand up to heavy juicing for years to come. Its $580 price tag places it in the category of more affordable commercial citrus juicers.

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Waring Pro Citrus Juicer

Waring Pro Electric Citrus Juicer #JC4000

This Waring Commercial Juicer costs $799 and comes with a few great features that may make it worth the cost.

  • Die cast base means the juicer doesn't slide around on counter.
  • One year warranty.
  • One reamer for all citrus fruits.
  • Quiet operation motor.
  • Efficient enough to extract all juice.

This easy to use juicer is also easy to clean, and it's very efficient. The vibration dampening feet mean it won't make as much noise or walk across the counter during use.

Automatic Commercial Citrus Juicers

Automatic commercial citrus juicers are great for big catering and hotel or restaurant operations. With these juicers, you don't have to babysit them to get your juice, but you can just load them up with the fruit, and leave them to run on their own.

Although they're much more expensive, they do mean that your staff can focus on other meal prep duties, so these commercial citrus juicers may be well worth your while. Here are some options to choose from:

Frucosol Citrus Press

Frucosol Commercial Citrus Juicer

The Frucosol commercial citrus juicer is one of the premier professional citrus juicers on the market, with a very sleek, modern look. It can juice 20-25 oranges per minute, so you can have fresh-squeezed juice for a party of six or more very quickly. Other features include:

  • Stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Automatic feed system for bulk feeding.
  • Presses the fruit but keeps peel oil out.
  • Easy to clean and disassemble.

This automatic citrus juicer is one of the premier names in the market, but it's not cheap, either. If you want to make an investment in a juicer that will last a commercial kitchen for years, this is a tip-top choice.

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Juice Tree Commercial Juicer

Juice Tree Commercial Citrus Juicer

This is one of the commercial citrus juicers that runs automatically and is designed just for oranges, though it will take oranges of different sizes. The Juice Tree juicer is easy to operate and maintain, and you can get into the interior quickly for cleaning.

  • Can squeeze up to 80 quarts per hour.
  • Holds 40 lbs of oranges at a time in the hopper.
  • Easy to move on casters to keep it mobile.
  • Adjustable pressure for different types of citrus.

This $9,400 is great because customers can see the juice being made, and it's attractive enough to put in an eating area, as well.

Omega Commercial Juicer

Omega #J0560 Commercial Citrus Juicer

This $4,500 citrus juicer is one of the more affordable automatic commercial citrus juicers on the market, and it comes from a company with an established brand name. The Omega #J0560 juicer can do up to 21 oranges per minute!

  • Juices about 18.5 gallons per hour.
  • Automatic peel ejection.
  • Citrus goes through a side chute.
  • Can be used with any citrus fruit that is 2 5/8 to 3 5/8 inches around.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.

If you don't have as much money to spend on a Juice Tree, this attractive citrus juicer is a good alternative to buy.

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Miracle Citrus Juicer

Miracle #MJ600 Commercial Citrus Juicer

This $3,500 automatic juicer has stainless steel parts that make it easier and cheaper to maintain over time.

  • Makes about six 8 oz. glasses of juice per minute.
  • Processes 21 oranges per minute.
  • Internal self-rinsing system with water jets.
  • Doesn't take up a ton of space.
  • Keeps peel oil out for sweeter juice.

The beautiful Miracle #MJ-6000 juicer is worth considering for the bar or commercial kitchen. It can even be set up to dispose of peels right in a waste bin!

Final Thought

Commercial citrus juicers are certainly more expensive than their at-home counterparts, but they're great for both commercial and home kitchens. These juicers are engineered to be long lasting and super hygeinic, so they're a fantastic option for all serious cooks who love fresh-squeezed orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime juice.

Whether you want a lime juicer, citrus press, or lemon juicer, these juicers can all be great options. Commercial citrus juicers are even great for home cooks because they last longer and extract juice better than many citrus juicers meant for the home.

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