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Don’t allow the worn-out Champion juicer parts stop you from juicing. Discover how you can get the most affordable and effective Champion replacement parts.

Juicing enthusiasts know that Champion juicing machines are just some of the best. The Masticating Juicers are well-known for their ability to squeeze as much as juice as they can from the fruits and vegetables. They can also offer more nutrient-rich juices simply because the single gear doesn’t end up damaging the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

However, like any other thing, the Champion machine parts can still get worn out, especially if you don’t use the equipment wisely. The good news is finding the replacement parts doesn’t have to be too difficult. You can get them straight from the manufacturer.

How to Find the Right Champion Replacement Parts

Here is a guide you can use when looking for the most appropriate replacement parts:

1. Know the model of the juicer

There are a lot of Champion juicers sold in the market, like the
Champion 2000 and Champion Commercial Juicer. Each of them has their own distinct parts. Knowing the model allows you to speed up the search process. All you have to do is to give the model number to the manufacturer, and they can immediately identify the parts that are used in it.

2. Determine the parts that need to be changed

There are two essential Champion parts that you have to monitor. The first one is the cutting blade. This one is important because it’s responsible for grinding the fruits and vegetables. It can penetrate into the cell membranes, releasing the nutrients and enzymes into the juice.

To make sure the blade lasts for a very long time, it is made of stainless steel. This way, it doesn’t rust or tarnish, even when exposed to all sorts of liquids, including water. However, if you’re an uber-fan of juices, and you love to juice non-stop there will come a time when the blade will start to become dull.

Dull blades are inefficient. They can no longer get into the fibers and membranes of the fruits and vegetables. They can leave out some small chunks into the juice, those that have not been cut. Thus, you need to order a replacement for it.

You also have the floating cutter, which separates the pulp from the juice. It helps you create only pure juices. That’s why if it’s not working properly, you will end up having with a lot of pulp in a juice. If not, you will be getting less amount of juice.

3. Replace only those that need replacement

One of the good things about the Champion parts is you don’t need to replace a lot of them at one time. After all, they are made to be durable. Moreover, you can replace almost all of them individually.

For example, if you are having problems turning the machine on, the issue may be with the power cord. You only need to replace it—nothing else. If the juicer doesn’t stand properly in the kitchen counter, you need to check and perhaps replace its base.

4. Have an idea of the costs

Not everything of the Champion juicer parts comes for free. You really need to purchase some of the replacement parts. The most expensive will probably cost you around $50, and this is usually associated with the most essential parts. The cheapest can be less than $10.

TIP: Read also this Champion Juicers Manual

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