Champion Commercial Juicer (#G5-PG710)

Your Heavy-Duty Juicing Machine

The Champion Commercial Juicer is adored for its heavy duty capabilities. Plenty of juicers reviews and ratings can attest to that. You can also compare juicers, especially professional juicers, with this one.

You'll see that the brand definitely stands out. Nevertheless, do read up more ratings on our site if you wish to do a lot of comparisons.

Some juicers are meant only for homes. These are the ones who cannot withstand prolong juicing. Otherwise, their own machine parts will break down.

On the other hand, you also have the heavy-duty ones. You can produce gallons of juices with them, and you can still find them in perfect form for many years.

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodMasticating
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassNo
ColorsBlack, White, Almond, Silver
RPM3,000 to 3,600
Power650 Watts
Dimensions 17 x 10 x 7 inches
Warranty10 years, 1 year on screens and cutter blade
Overall Rating

One of the best examples of heavy-duty juicing machines is the the Champion Commercial Juicer #G5-PG710. So far, it’s one of the highest rated commercial juicers on Amazon, which is a testament of how good it is. For the many benefits you are going to get out of it, the Champion commercial juice extractor only costs less than $300, which is a reasonable price.

TIP: Before you start juicing, read the Champion Juicers Manual first.

The Benefits of Using
the Champion Commercial Juicer

Champion Commercial Juicer

So what can the Champion commercial juice extractor offer you? A lot!

It is a Very Versatile Equipment

Some juicers are so limited you cannot juice using herbs, spices, and soft fruits and vegetables. There are also others that are dedicated to certain types of fruits and veggies only. For example, the wheatgrass juicers, well, it’s ment for juicing wheatgrass only. Most of the Centrifugal Juicers are incompatible with a lot of dark green leafy vegetables and herbs while Masticating Juicers may not be ideal for hard fruits and vegetables.

The Champion commercial juicing machine, however, seems a little different. With it, you can create ice creams, nut butters, sherbets, fruit sauces, and food for your baby. You can also create coconut milk. You can grab a recipe book and produce your own mixture or cocktail of organic fruit juices. You can combine both fruits and vegetables.

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It Squeezes the Nutrients Out

Don’t be too happy if you’re getting a lot of pulp, more so if it’s wet. It only means that some juices have been wasted. The juicing machine is not as effective as you want it to be.

The Champion commercial juicer has been designed to ground and crush fruits and vegetables to break the cell membranes and allow them to release the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. These are the ones that provide value to juicing. That’s why it’s not impossible to feel a change in vitality as you continue to drink juices from this Champion commercial juicer machine.

It is Meant to Handle Heavy Juicing

If you’re running your own salad bar or health food store or you want to encourage your entire household to drink up organic juice, this is the one you should use. You can expect it to last for years with very minimal maintenance. After all, it’s meant to do just that. Its motor too has been designed not to heat up despite constant use.

It’s Durable

The body and parts of the Champion commercial juicer are made up of stainless steel and nylon. Thus, they don’t rust or twist. They are also approved and thus proven safe by the Food and Drugs Administration.

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It’s Made Up of Very Useful Parts

A Champion commercial juicing machine is made up of different parts, all of them essential to its effective function. For one, you have the heavy-duty juicer body as well as the sieve. You can also find the juicing and black screen.

Some accessories or attachments are optional, but you may want to buy them some time as they can definitely enhance the function of your juicer.

These include the grain mill and wire that permits you to connect the Champion commercial juice extractor to 220 volts.

The Opening Is Just Right

The Champion commercial juicer has enough opening that can accommodate medium-sized vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to chop them.

As for the pulp, this juicing machine possesses the automatic ejection system, where the pulp is immediately released out of the equipment so you don’t have to stop the operation.

What It Cannot Do

One of the limitations of this juicer is it doesn't do a very good job with leafy greens, and it's not recommended for wheatgrass juicing. Also, at
26 pounds this juicer is heavy.

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TIP: Take a look also at the Champion Juicer Parts - just in case you need any.

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Consumer Reviews

"I am currently running my own health food shop, and my search for a good juicer leads me to this juicer. It’s sad it doesn’t work with wheatgrass because a lot of my customers look for it, but for all other jobs, this has proven itself to be dependable."

Alan Myers,

"Yesterday, I opened up a Champion Juicer under the Christmas tree. I was ecstatic - we found a few apples that were lying around, and the juicer in seconds had a jarful of dark, foamy juice. We took some grapes that were not going to get eaten, and threw those in the juicer as well, and had a perfect glass of grape juice."

Rober W. Bardwell,

"Cleanup is a breeze. When I juice for myself I drink the juice while I clean the parts. Cool water and a bottle brush is all that is needed. It takes about 2 minutes. Put a little olive oil on the metal spindle for ease of assembly and that is it."


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