Champion 2000+ Juicer (#G5-NG-853-S)

One of Your Kitchen’s Best Assets

The Champion 2000+ Juicer is undeniably a great addition to any kitchen. A proof to it will be the many positive juicers reviews ratings you get to read. It also tends to stand out when you compare other juicers to the Champion 2000+.

By reading the different juicer reviews and ratings of the Champion 2000+ juicing machine, you can already compare and conclude that this model is certainly one of the best in the market. It is easy to install, use, and clean; is very reliable and efficient; and is durable.

The Champion 2000+ juicer seems to have been designed especially to make juicing way more convenient and simpler for any kind of consumer to do. Whether you’re a newbie in juicing or a longtime juicing enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the easy to use machine as well as the thorough juicing capabilities and longevity of this juicing champion.

The Champion Commercial Juicer is another popular model, especially for Heavy-Duty juicing.

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Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodMasticating
Juices FruitsYes
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassNo
ColorsBlack, White, Silver, Almond
Power540 Watts
Dimensions 17 x 10 x 7 inches
Warranty10 years limited manufacturer, 1 year cutter, 3 years motor
Overall Rating

Durable and Reliable

The Champion 2000+ Juicer may have been in the market for quite a few years, but the manufacturers behind it, Plastaket, have been around for around 50 years. That basically tells you of the credibility and good reputation the company and the product has.

Through the efficient use of technology and innovation, the manufacturers produce the Champion 2000+. This is a heavy-duty machine, which means it’s meant to handle the most difficult juicing tasks you can ever think of. It is also known for its durability and reliability. It’s no wonder many consumers are preferring this over the other juicers.

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What Is This Juicer Designed To Do

Champion 2000+ juicer

The things you can do with the Champion 2000+ Juicer are virtually limitless. You can create juices from any fruits and vegetables you like. You can also combine the liquids to produce your own cocktail or have your own version of baby foods, nut butters, sauces, and even ice creams. You can also produce coconut milk, which you can add to other ingredients to make delectable dishes.

As a Masticating Juicer, it works quite slower than the Centrifugal Juicer. This is because it only has one gear. Nevertheless, the mechanism makes the machine more efficient, producing more juice and maintaining the quality of nutrients found in the liquids.

Despite its amazing power, though, you cannot use the machine to work with leafy veggies and wheatgrass.

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What's Good About Champion 2000+ Juicer

There are many different parts that make up the juicer. They are not only tested, but they are also well-thought-out.

  • Powerful Motor
    The ultimate secret to the power of the Champion 2000+ juice extractor is actually its motor that rotates at 1,725 rpm and requires a power of more than 500 watts. Thus, it doesn’t have any issues working with many fruits and vegetables at one time.

    It can also handle continuous juicing. To make the juicer work, you only need to have a power supply of 110V.

  • Large Feed Tube
    Then you have the feed tube. The tube found in the juicer is large, so you don’t have to cut up the fruits and vegetables in very small pieces. You can actually save a lot of time.

  • The ball bearings installed at the front and back, meanwhile, allow the machine to run without any issues.

  • Front and Rear Ball Bearing Installation
    Another powerful factor in the Champion 2000+ juicing machine is the highly durable front and rear ball bearing installation at the front and back. That allows the juicer to run without any issues.

  • Floating Cutter
    The juicer also comes with a floating cutter to easily separate the fruit from its pulp. You can discard them easily through the pulp collector.

  • Winding Capacity
    So the machine doesn’t break down easily, the winding capacity is further improved. All parts of the juicer are composed of nylon and stainless steel to make them durable. They are all approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.

  • Affordable
    The Champion 2000+ juicer is affordable too. You can get one for no more than $259. Moreover, you get the basic parts such as the tamper, juicing screen, and black screen. This entire kit will help you make best use of your juicer.

  • Accessories
    There are also some additional accessories you can use with the Champion 2000+, but these are sold separately and are optional. These accessories include a grain mill and a larger hole screen.

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Consumer Reviews

"One of the things that attract me most to Champion 2000 juicer is its price. I was on a tight budget back then. However, I never really had any regret. It’s been with me for a year now, and I’m happy."

Sara G.,

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