Cactus Juice

The Easy Way to Consume
the Prickly Cactus Fruit

Very few people know the benefits of consuming cactus juice. It should be a vital part of everybody’s diet as it belongs to the group of
anti inflammatory foods and one of the natural arthritis remedies.

Cactus Juice is quite common in hot climates where cacti are the most common vegetation. In fact, Central America and Mexico are two places where they are staple parts of everyday diets.

Nowadays, cactus fruits are becoming popular in other places also because of their far-ranging benefits and are becoming gourmet delicacies because of their flavor and flexibility.

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The Benefits of Cactus Juice

Cactus Juice

The cactus offers both vegetables and fruits out of which you can make juice. The cactus’s pad is edible, and it is the vegetable part of the cacti. The pear, on the other hand, is the fruit, and it is this fruit that is one of the best anti inflammatory foods. Cactus juice possesses nutrients like:

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Amino Acids (Taurine)
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber

As inflammation is responsible for diseases like arthritis, cactus becomes part of many a natural arthritis remedies. It helps other body systems like:

  • Bone
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Arterial
  • Muscle
  • Cardiovascular

Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases, like heart disease, and people use anti inflammatory drugs that further affect their systems. Regular consumption cactus juice will help your body stay free from these diseases.

The nutrients in cactus fruit are also powerful antioxidants and help flush your body of harmful toxins.

Cactus, being an anti inflammatory food, has other benefits, like helping you control blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, and lower blood sugar levels. Apart from all this, the fiber also helps you lose weight. Discover more on Food High in Fiber

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Because cactus juice is a natural remedy for arthritis, it will help you in your old age, as when you get on in years, arthritis can handicap you in a very bad way.

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How to Juice Cactus

Cactus Juice

There are juice recipes to make juice of both the pad (vegetable part) and pear (fruit). If you have cactus plants near your house, you can pick the fruit and the pads on your own.

While making cactus juice, be careful as there are spines all over the cactus, and if they get in to your skin, they can lead to very bad irritation. Make sure to pick them with a large fork or other instrument.

In the case of the pads, you can simply remove the spines, clean them, remove all the bruised parts of the pad, and crush them to extract the juice. The fruit you need to clean with cold water and a brush to remove the spines. Always handle the fruit carefully, as even store-bought cactus fruit can have spines.

Cut out the outer layer of the skin on the top and bottom of the fruit, slit it open, and put it into water to boil. When the insides become very soft, you can take them out to strain the seeds and pulp to extract the cactus juice. The fruit of the cactus tastes the best when it is reddish-brown or purple.

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