The Breville JE95XL
Juice Fountain Plus

Two Speeds Make It Twice as Good

Breville #JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus can convert whole fruits to ready-to-drink juices in no time. Juicers reviews that compare juicers will show why this Breville juice extractor is your potential best buy.

If you are busy and pressed for time — and who isn’t these days? — this juicer is just right for you. The speed at which the juice is prepared is astonishing. And, with separate containers that collect the juice and pulp, it takes almost no effort to use it.

Juice Quality
Ease of Use
Clean Up
Dishwasher Safe
Noise Level
Juicing MethodCentrifugal
Juices FruitsYes, including Citrus
Juices VegetablesYes
Juices WheatgrassNo
RPMhigh 12,000 - low 6,500
Power850 Watts
Dimensions 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches
WarrantyMotor 3 years, appliances 1 year
Overall Rating

If you need a powerful juicer which converts your whole fruits into juices in no time and also gives you the pleasure of not having to worry about the cleanup or maintenance at all, the Breville #JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus juicer is by far your best pick. It is the ultimate machine designed for a trouble free juicing experience.

What Is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus – Two Speed
Designed to Do?

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

The Breville #JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus is a two-speed juicer. It is this fact that makes it unique from the others. This means that you can put in whole foods, and the Breville juice extractor will intelligently manage the rest of the process. All you need to do is use the right speed. For soft fruits and vegetables, use low speed, and for the hard ones, use high speed.

It has a 3-inch hole on top in which you can insert your fruits and vegetables and watch the juice flow. It has an 850-watt motor, which gives it the strength to convert the hardest of fruits into pulp and juice. It is amazingly light for a motor of this size. At 8.5 lbs., it is easy to transport and store at home. It also has a high-grade polymer body, which makes it all the more durable and attractive.

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What’s Good About the Breville#JE95XL
Juice Fountain Plus?

  • Uses Whole Foods
    The best part about the Breville Juice Extractor is the fact that it uses whole foods. What made juicing so much of an ordeal was the fact that you had to first slice the fruits or vegetables to be juiced. This took a lot of time and effort. Now, you can just pop them in your Breville juicer plus, and the #JE95XL will take care of the rest.

  • Extra Functions
    Along with juicing, it also has many extra functions. It can be used in preparation of pasta, grinding coffee, and other processes. The main benefit of using a Juice Fountain Plus is that it consumes whole foods, so you do not have to go through the additional work of slicing them. Most competing juicers do not provide this benefit.

  • Separate Containers
    The second most laborious task in juice preparation has been cleaning up. No wonder almost every juicers reviews ratings considers this before they rate juicers. It is one of the prime criterion people use when they compare juicers. Now, with this machine, you can simply get your juice while the pulp is collected in a separate container and can easily be disposed off. You do not have to work hard at cleaning it.

  • Easy Cleaning
    The ease of cleaning does not stop with the pulp being automatically collected. Along with the pack, you get a brush, which you can use to effortlessly clean your juicer.

This juicer juices almost all fruits and vegetables. The approximate price for a Breville #JE95XL Juice Fountain Plus juicer varies from $130 to $175. Most deals that are available online would be close to $150 mark.

The juicer is mainly meant for home usage although it is also being used by small commercial bars because of its high efficiency and ease of cleaning. However large juice bars still find it better to use commercial juicers.

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What’s Not So Good About This Juice Extractor?

Most juicers reviews ratings have just one complaint about the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. It sometimes gets too loud with its 850 watt motor. But if you compare juicers based on all pros and cons the Breville machine stands out as the winner.

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Consumer Reviews

Quick and easy cleanup, fine mesh screen so the juice is much more smooth, and more powerful! What makes the #JE95XL better than the #JE900 is mainly the two speed control. With the #JE900, it was so powerful and fast all the time that when I juiced soft fruits like grapes and strawberries, the fruit wouldn't be juiced all the way.”

F. Fung,

“I told her how much I loved my juicer but I had dropped and cracked the filter bowl and needed to buy a new one and she said no problem and SHE SENT ME A NEW ONE FOR FREE!!!!! They didn’t even charge me for shipping!”

Thomas Wilson,

"The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is very fast. I always spent more time washing and/or prepping fruit than juicing. It comes with a handy brush for cleaning. It is perfect for making one or two glasses at a time. You can feed assorted fruits in willy-nilly and end up with a tasty blend every time. My toddler loves the juice from the machine, and also begs for the popsicles I make from the leftovers."


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