Blendtec Total Blender

A Premier Professional Food Blender

The Blendtec Total blender is a premier blender designed to do everything from the perfect puree to easy desserts to excellent professional-quality smoothies. Find out more about these blenders here.

While it's more expensive than a KitchenAid Blender, a Blendtec Total blender gets excellent reviews and can give you professional style results at home in your own kitchen.

These blender models come in a variety of colors and have different types of features to set them apart. If you're looking for the perfect Blendtec Total for your needs, here's what you need to know about three of the most popular models around right now.

Blendtec Wildside #HP-3A Total Blender

Blendtec Total Blender Wildside #HP-3A


This innovative Blendtec Total blender is a great option if you're going to be blending a lot of smoothies or easy desserts at once because it comes with a huge three quart – 96 ounce – jar!

Besides its extra-large jar, this smoothie machine features a four inch blade that's meant to get the job done. The shatterproof jar is BPA free to a healthier smoothie or dessert, as well.

One thing that's great about this blender is that it has a seven year warranty. It comes with a recipe book, and the 1560 watt motor is strong enough to get just about any job done.

Reviewers note that it will pulverize orange seeds, and it can even add greens to a smoothie without a hitch.

Some people report that the lid is a little hard to seal on this model. So you'll want to double-check that it's sealed on all sides before you start blending, or you risk having a large mess in your kitchen!

Price: $475

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Blendtec Professional's Choice #TB-621-BHM

Blendtec Total Blender #TB-621-BHM


This is a commercial quality Blendtec Total blender that can easily be used at home. It features neat details like pre-programmed blending cycles.

In the distinctively square style of Blendtec blenders, this food blender has a blade that spins at 29,000 RPM, a 1560 watt motor, and a two-quart blending jar.

It's is covered by a three year warranty for the motor and a lifetime warranty for the blade and coupling. The stainless steel two prong blade is strong enough to process anything you throw at this smoothie machine.

As with most other super-powerful blender models, this one is rather loud, so be prepared for that. Also, some users simply don't like pre-programmed buttons and would rather have more individualized control like you find with many Oster Blenders.

Price: $400-$600

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BlendTec Total #HP-611-FLP

Blendtec Total Blender #HP-611-FLP


This sleek looking blender features a commercial motor but is small enough for standard home kitchen cabinets.

It has the standard squared-off Blendtec Total blender jar that holds up to 32 ounces, and has markings – cup markings on one side and ounce markings on the other.

It has a 1500 watt motor and 30 pre-programmed blend cycles that change the speed of the blades automatically.

This blender works very well and allows you to bring a commercial-grade motor and blade system into your kitchen, without having to buy an enormous smoothie machine.

It also lasts for a very long time, even with constant use. With the powerful motor, it's going to blend more quickly than most other blender models made for the home setting.

Some users don't like the square design of the jar, but as long as you have a spatula to push food down the sides after blending, most people don't have an issue with it.

Price: $430-$570

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Final Thought

A Blendtec Total blender can be a great investment. They're certainly not the cheapest on the market, but if you're going to make your favorite blueberry smoothie recipe every single day, they're a good investment. They'll last a long time.

Plus, you can bring a commercial-grade motor home with these blenders, which reduces your blend time and makes blending easier.

Any of these blenders by Blendtec Total blender would be a great option for your home. I suggest you choose based on how much power you need as well as what size jar you need, since that is the biggest difference between these blenders.

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Consumer Reviews

"Not only did the blender perform like a dream, it makes a killer green smoothie--no taste of kale! The cost of the blender is worth it for this reason alone. Now I can get my daily intake of greens without having to endure it. It's actually delicious and gives you a buzz of energy way better than coffee.

"You can make nut butters, various flours, breads, soup....etc. It's so powerful I think the motor could fly a small plane."

Vega's Best Friend,

"The Blendtec Total blender very easy to clean. Instead of disassembling the jar like the Breville and other blenders in its class, I just put a dash of detergent, fill it 1/3 with water, and pulse it for 5 secs. I then wash it out further with water, no dishwasher needed."


"A few tips: Hold on to the lid when you start it up though, or it might pop off from the awesome power it kicks when the motor begins.

"Read the directions regarding frozen stuff to fluid ratios to get the best performance out of this Blendtec Total blender.

"If you use the proper ratios of fluid to ice/frozen fruit, you'll make flawless smoothies by using the #3 button alone. Simple and efficient."

L. Mann,

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