Beet Juice

Nothing Beats Juicing Beets for Rejuvenation

Beet juice has been used as a means of rejuvenation. The benefits of beet juice lie in its vitamins, Everyday Minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Some positive beet juice side effects are that it can lower blood pressure and fight cancer.

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Beet juice has numerous benefits, and its regular consumption makes you feel fantastic. It prevents many illnesses and diseases and helps detoxify the body.

Before juicing, make sure you select firm and smooth beets, not soft or shriveled. You should also ensure that you always mix this juice with other vegetables or apple juice and never drink it by itself; otherwise, you may experience chills and a low fever. Although these symptoms are rarely serious, discontinue drinking the juice and see your doctor is symptoms persist.

Benefits of Beet Juice

Beet Juice

Beet juice has been used even by our ancestors due to its healthy content and medicinal value. A lot of vegetables and fruits are juiced to improve our health and many raw juices can save your life, the juice from beets being a significant one.

Some of the well-known benefits of this wonderful juice are:

  • It helps purify and detoxify the blood as it is rich in iron.

  • It lowers the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol of the body.

  • It helps increase stamina and reduce fatigue.

  • It helps promote healthy skin and hair growth and can cure acne, dandruff, and other skin inflammations.

  • It’s detoxifying nature helps prevent cancerous growth.

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Side Effects of Beet Juice

Along with the benefits comes some beet juice side effects. Some of the major ones that you should be aware of before juicing beets are that it may cause your urine and stool to turn red, but only if you consume too many ounces in a day.

Also, if you consume pure beet juice, it may temporarily paralyze your vocal cords. Another side effect is specific to those with kidney or gall bladder stones. As beets contains higer levels of oxlate, they may increase the severity of stones in the kidney or gall bladder. Consult a doctor before juicing beets if you are prone to kidney- or gallstones.

A Simple Recipe

A very refreshing but simple drink can be made by mixing four ounces of raw beet, three ounces of raw cucumber, and nine ounces of raw carrot together in a juicer. You can also mix beet juice with apple juice for a delicious drink to improve your stamina.

Another tip: try a vegetables healthy coctail from beets and blackberries.

Whichever way you do it, beets are the best.

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